Our Approach

We aim to follow our unique model based on three principles before providing services:


A solution to any challenge, is addressed only if it addresses the root cause of the issue, not the symptoms. SWC works with its clients in securing the identification for the route-cause of any challenge. For this, we utilize best-in-class Internal Audit services combined with the partners of our company business acumen and know-how to work with our clients to identify the main drivers of each challenge.

Services provided: Internal Audit/Governance & Fitness Assessment


Via the extensive experience of our company’s Principles, our vast P2P network, and our partners, we provide pragmatic and tangible solutions for our customers. The solutions are tailored to our customers’ needs, from tailor-made specific solutions to holistic Business Transformation projects. All solutions are geared towards best practices, whilst respecting localized needs and refinements.

Services provided: Management Consulting & Business Transformation


It is our belief that a solution that is not self-governed and sustainable is not a solution. We need to secure that the solution will be applied in a sustainable and consistent manner. For this, we have employed and partnered with the best-in-class Human Capital experts and programs. We have brought within our respective markets' solutions based on Blanchard Companies, de Bono, Wiley, Booth, Balance Scorecards, Hoshin Kanri, and PlanBase, among others.

Services provided: HR Services

Business Solutions

Services for African organizations to secure sustainable and progressive performance.

SWC offers 360-degree solutions offerings to secure the integrity of our solutions from discovery, to resolution, and ultimately to full sustainability.

End-to-End solutions that secure addressing the route-cause of the challenges, provide tangible solutions, and ultimately secure sustainability for the long term.


Internal Audit/Governance | Fitness Assessment 

We do “not” solve symptoms, we solve the root cause of the problems.

Identifying the root cause of a problem by working in a two prong approach. Provide best-in-class Internal Audit services, coupled with business assessment across all activities of our client. By combining the findings, we can accurately identify the root cause of issues and address them towards resolution.



Provided by

Business Acumen & Know-How

• Extensive Business Experience & Expertise
• Capacity to link Internal Audit with Business Realities
• Local Presence with Extensive African and Emerging Market Know-How

Skepsis World

Proven In-depth Internal Audit Know-How

• One of the top 10 Global Audit Firms
• No localized, but with African Experience
• Partnering Lead, Dr. Andreas Koutoupis with proven and extensive international Audit experience and expertise.


Management Consulting | Business Transformation

We only offer the best solution that is tailored to your needs.

Solutions provided by infusing best practices across the globe localized to the applicable market's realities. Considering SWC’s vast network, we can source any expertise for any industry if and when is required.



Provided by

• Strategy
• Commercial
• Marketing Positioning/Branding
• Governance / Structure
• Financial Optimization/Restructuring
• Operational Efficiency / Supply Chain
• Performance Management

• A fully integrated cross-functional planning and execution
• Building sustainable, intangible asset value
• Processes & Procedure optimization.
• Governance / Controls development.
• Restructuring methodologies and execution.

Skepsis World

And industry-specific expertise from our international network

HR Services

The key to any solution’s fate is Human Capital development.

For this, we have brought the best in class leadership, team building, and business training in the world to Kenya. Skepsis World Consulting is a certified trainer for the programs we offer.



Provided by

Human Capital Optimization & Performance Management

• Organizational Structures Optimization
• Link Strategy with Key Performance Indicators addressing teams and employees.
• Track company and employee performance in a consistent and value-added manner.
• Optimize workforce and processes towards a sustainable and efficient organization.

• Skepsis World
• PlanBase
• Balanced Scorecard
• Hoshin Kanri

Human Capital Development

• Develop the leadership of the company in line with the vision, ambition, and values of the organization.
• Develop cohesive and engaged teams.
• Develop the managerial skills of the company.
• Provide Executive Coaching.
• Assess employee capabilities and capacity in designing the optimum development plan, and career path guidance.

• Skepsis World
• Ken Blanchard
• Wiley
• de Bono
• Pi
• The Boot Company

Market Entry - East Africa

Expanding into a new market for growth has its challenges.

Services for Organizations outside East Africa looking to enter the market.
• Discovery / Exploration of potentialities
• Identification of best strategy to enter and command the market
• Prospection of Mergers / Acquisitions / Partnerships / Affiliations
• M&A Services
• Integration Services
• Advisory Services towards sustainable and progressive growth – Post Entrance Services

We understand the needs of our clients, their aspirations and internal and regulatory needs. Furthermore, we can assist in localizing best-practices in securing flawless implementation without any loss in “translation”

Interim & Crisis Management

Providing a steady hand at the helm.

Agile, precise execution, proactive mentality, and focused actions are ingredients required in handling any form of Crisis. A crisis is part of any business, but the approach of tackling the issues can determine the future of the company, its brands, and trade and consumer perception. Skepsis World Consulting possesses the expertise, experience, and required network in securing flawless remediation of crisis.



Provided by

• Business Crisis Management
• Major Restructuring
• Cash Flow Crisis
• Mandate Undertaking

• Very experienced partners to step in and handle a crisis and or temporary management.
• Strong association with top-tear PR companies applicable to industries and type of crisis.
• Through our P2P network, we can source any required subject-matter-experts to secure agile, technocratic, and efficient formation of crisis strategies.

Skepsis World

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